art direction & design for FILM

With an education rooted in the art of cinema, I am driven by my passion for translating character identities through props and setting to create a new world. I'd be delighted to lead your art department from pre-production all the way through production, as well as more specific roles such as set decorating, prop sourcing + styling, and wardrobe styling.


* * * production design * * *


production designer | CRIMSON'S KISS (2013)

directed by Jordan Rader

The small town of Dunmovin prepares for the arrival of a murderous vixen named Crimson.


art director | prep school (2015)

directed by Sean Nichols Lynch

When the star player of an elite prep school rugby team suffers an emotional collapse, his friends and teammates respond in their own ways, ranging from heroic to horrifying.


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production designer | with children (2017) 

directed by Lissette Feliciano

Cecilia is a single mother living in San Francisco in 1978. Recently separated from her baby's father and living in a shelter, Cecilia is determined to provide a future for her newborn. When she attempts to make a home purchase, she quickly discovers the systemic barriers associated with her unmarried status.


Art director | strays (2017)

directed by Trevor Tillman

Strays (18 min) is the story of Claire, a functioning agoraphobe who is thrust into an awkward situation when her boyfriend agrees to babysit his ex-girlfriend's dog Muenster. After Muenster runs away on Claire's watch, she searches every corner of the city to find him. In the process, she learns to come out of her shell and assert herself.


production designer | bucko & junior

directed by Jordan Rader

A film following two pubescent teenage boys who entertain themselves through their crude humor.